If you hang around my site very long, you’ll notice that I really want to get your email address: kind of like a desperate guy in some social situation, trying to get a girl’s number.

I believe you are all beautiful people, inside and out, but that’s not the main reason I want your email. Let me tell you a true story:

When I first started marketing Superior Justice, it was my only book. I just wanted people to read it. So I gave away eBook copies for free. Lots of eBook copies. BUNDLES of eBook copies. In fact, before I published my second book (Superior Storm), more than 30,000 people had a copy of Superior Justice. Lots of folks started reviewing it, and for the most part, they were very positive. I thought that was all terrific. And, really it was.

And then, I finished Superior Storm.

I had a readership of 30,000 people, who, by the reviews, apparently liked the whole Superior Mystery thing, and I had no way to tell them that there was now a second book. It gets worse. I continued the free giveaways, because it’s a great way to get publicity, and actually sell more books. But I still didn’t have my waterfowl aligned properly (I didn’t have my ducks in a row). At one point, there were more than 150,000 downloads of my books, and I didn’t even have an email list.

I’m a slow learner.

Obviously, from reviews, the books are popular. I have a ton of readers (at this point, more than 250,000 downloads between four books). And yet, the number of people on my email list is smaller than the number of positive reviews given to Superior Justice! Anyway, obviously, I have all these readers, and no way to tell them about my other books.

This is the sort of stuff that keeps authors awake at nights. Well, that, and key plot points.

So…I beg of you… please sign up for my email list!!


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