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Welcome! You’ve probably landed here because you already know who I am. On the other hand, some of you might be here because you searched for mystery novels, or Lake Superior novels, or Minnesota Novels, or novels that are like Robert B Parker, or John Grisham, or Lee Child or Robert Crais. If that’s the case, let me introduce myself.

By the way, unlike some author sites, this is really me, talking to you, in the first-person. I assume you’re here because you want to get to know me a bit, and I am a writer, after all, so it seems silly to have someone else write about me in the third person, as if I were a new vacuum cleaner or something. Anyway:

I’m Tom Hilpert, writer of books, creator of the irritating-but-loveable Jonah Borden, and the Lake Superior Mysteries.

I’m also a pastor, and in addition to novels, I write both sermons and theological books. However, let me be clear: my theology writing and my novels are two separate things. My novels are not preachy. Jonah Borden (protagonist of the Superior Mysteries) is a pastor, so of course his character is going to live out his values, but you will not find any sermons in the books, and if there is any “message” it is an organic part of the story, not packed in artificially. I know for a fact that some of my biggest fans are atheists, so rest easy: you can enjoy the Superior Novels, no matter what your faith (or lack thereof).

Check out the books page, where you can read the first few chapters of all of my books. Check out my blog/news page. Drop me a line on my contact page. As of this writing, I do read each and every message personally, even if I can’t respond to them all.

And hey: don’t forget that mailing list!

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I think my books are great. If you read them, you might become wise, and healthy, and rich; you could rekindle lost love, and regrow lost hair, and invent a new substance that will unify the world.

Or, worst case scenario, you just have an enjoyable few days while your immerse yourself in an entertaining story with engaging characters, good humor and an intriguing plot. Either way, I think it’s worth four or five bucks.

I have an awful lot of positive reviews on certain sites where my books are for sale. You could go read through them if you want to. But to make it easy for you, I’ve reproduced a few of them here, without changing the words of the originals. Obviously, these are not written by people I know.

Just one more thing: to make it really easy, I’ve posted the first couple chapters of each book. Just click on the book over on the left hand side to see a description, and then the first chapter or two.

Also, if you’d like to buy them, feel free to find them all on:  Tom’s Amazon Author Page



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Welcome to my writer’s blog. This is one of the ways I want to keep in touch with all of you wonderful people who read my books. So, please feel free to read, and also to comment on any posts. I promise you that I will read every comment (except anything that is clearly spam).

Though I might possibly know a thing or two about writing books, I’m still a bit of newbie to blogging. If you have any suggestions for things you’d like me to post about, please, let me know.

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Like many authors, I vacillate between vain self-assurance about my own brilliance and utter despair at what a terrible writer I am. Hearing from you, my readers, helps to keep me in the vain self-assurance range, which may not be any more accurate than the despair, but at least it’s more comfortable.

No seriously, I do absolutely love to hear from you about my writing. I have made a personal commitment, which so far I have kept, to read every single message I get from readers. I don’t always have time to respond, but I promise you, I will read your message.

This is another place where it seems like something profound should be said. Why don’t you think of something, instead making me do all the work?

Seriously, folks, I’m not sure if any of this is interesting or not. But, it’s sort of traditional to have a “bio,” so, here you go:

I grew up in the luscious beauty of Papua New Guinea: bright coral reefs surrounded by scintillating schools of fish; steep, jungle clad mountains buried heads-up in the clouds; rushing rivers, and a world unstained by much of Western civilization.

As a kid, I sort of wished we had a few of the stains of civilization. We had no pizza, no fast food, not much American food at all, nothing going on in the evenings, and above all, no television. At the time I thought I was poor and underprivileged. Now, I feel as if I was privileged above most of the world. The lack of external entertainment meant I spent hours and hours reading, and hours and hours more, making up my own stories.

Despite the fact that we were in a third world country, we had excellent international schools. Our schools always compared well to the upper one-third or so of Australian schools, which in turn were far better than most American institutions of lower learning.

Anyway, it was combination for learning to imagine, and learning to write.

Click around the site: check out my books, and blogs, and use the contact form to talk to me. Please, please, PRETTY please, sign up for my email list. I promise I won’t abuse the privilege.

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